NEW LOCATIONS! Richland: 430 George Washington Way | Kennewick: 6713 W Clearwater Ste. C & D

Richland: 509.943.2222 | Kennewick: 509.619.0353

Jourdyn Rivas

Certified Personal Trainer


Individual Training / Group Training

 / Meal Plans


Rena Beck

Certified Personal Trainer ACE


Over 10 years experience,  Online and in person personal training.  Weight loss, sport conditioning, metabolic  conditioning and rehabilitation.

Melissa Fillmore

Nasm Certified Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach

(509) 306-0027

*6 years experience personal training

*NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist


As a formerly obese woman, I have the unique perspective of experience in the pitfalls and obstacles of living a healthy lifestyle. My teaching background has led me to focus on educating women on finding balance in all forms of health as well as having a positive and realistic outlook on goals. All programs are individualized depending on client backgrounds, needs and goals. My goal is for you to have success. I am always your biggest fan.

Jeannette Crow

ACE Certified Personal Trainer


I'm passionate about motivating people and getting them to love exercise.  I'm here to help people on all ends of the fitness spectrum, from beginners to athletes.

I specialize in boxing, kickboxing, TRX, and CIZE.  Whether you are looking to fit into a bikini, run your first 5K, or simply regain your strength and balance, I'll be there beside you every step of the way.

You Can Succeed!

Group Classes

All Group Fitness Classes are instructed by certified instructors and Personal Trainers. Our Instructor are dedicated to providing you the encouragement and motivation you need  to make your workout experience effective and efficient.

Mixin' It Up

Keep  a schedule in your car, on your computer or phone of the classes you are doing for the week. Be consistent and avoid scheduling appointments or errands around your favorite classes.

Be Consistent

Try something new! Stay away from doing the same exercise daily or  in the same sequence. It is important to mix up your weekly workout routine. This will ensure you develop a balanced body, reduce your risk of developing overuse injuries and avoid mental burnout!  Keep your body guessing and challenge yourself.  Group fitness instructors are great at changing the format just enough to keep your body challenged and guessing!

Communicate With Your Instructor

Communication will allow your Instructor to guide your through each workout appropriately. Advise if you are a beginner, pregnant have high blood pressure and any other medical condition, injury, or pain that would affect your workout . All classes are multilevel so be sure to listen to cues for modifications.

We NOW offer childcare and showers at both locations!


Richland: 509.943.2222


Kennewick: 509.619.0353


Richland: 430  George Washington Way


Kennewick: 6713 W Clearwater Ste C & D

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