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Richland: 509.943.2222 | Kennewick: 509.619.0353


"I am over 68 years old and am overweight (obese per body mass index).  I have been amember for about a year and am making positive moves (started 36 bmi and now 32).  Going to fit for me on Facebook my own schedule is great.  When I have a question, I have always found an answer from staff." Sharla Barber

"I LOVE Fit For Me!! I just recently re-joined & realized how much I missed being a member! I can't say enough good things about Fit For Me! I love that it's women only, I love that its 24 hours to accommodate crazy schedules, & I especially love the variety of classes offered! Sometimes I just want to do my thing, put on my tunes & run on the treadmill. But most days I need told what to do so I'm thankful for the classes! All of them are great, but I especially love Strongher & Piloxing! After not exercising much for the past couple of years & now re-joining, it was such an eye opener as to how important exercise is! Even if you don't accomplish much else that day, if you've taken time for yourself by working out, you feel so much better, mentally & physically!! I love, love, love being a member!! It's worth every penny!"  Brianne Morrison

"I have been attending FFM for a little over a year now and I love it. The atmosphere is very welcoming and encouraging. I especially love taking part in the fitness classes offered during the week. The ladies know how to keep motivation flowing as well as having a blast working up a sweat. I will continue to be a part of the FFM family!"  Tricia Hawkey

"I have been coming to FFM for over a year now. I love it.  They are always ready with a "hi ". That means a lot.  They care.

I hooked up with Machell as a  personal trainer.  She took the time to address my problems and get me back on the road to a better and healthier life. If you are looking for a gym, I highly recommend FFM.  They care." Pam Frisbie

"Although I am not currently a member, (due to having twins 9 months ago - time and money are challenges) I was at one time and I can't wait to join again. I feel like I am counting the days (unknown number...haha). Here is how I feel about Fit for me...


I have been a member at a couple different gyms and Fit for Me was the only gym where I felt like I belonged. I never felt judged or looked down on for my weight or fitness level. The trainers and staff are motivating, caring, and supportive. There are so many great classes to choose from. There truly is something for everyone and every fitness level. No matter what challenges my day brings me I always feel better about myself and my goals when I leave. Fit for Me is great for your mind, body, and soul!


I hope this helps. I was at my best health when I was a member and I look forward to getting back to that! I hope to be seeing you all soon, God willing!!!" Shelby Varikatt

We NOW offer childcare and showers at both locations!


Richland: 509.943.2222


Kennewick: 509.619.0353


Richland: 430  George Washington Way


Kennewick: 6713 W Clearwater Ste C & D

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